About Learnrite International Publishers

LearnRite International Publishers is an educational publishing firm committed to equipping the African child with technical skills pivotal to economic, social, and cultural independence. Through its innovative thinking in writing, LearnRite offers young minds the intellectual stimulants for groundbreaking academic and economic leap.

Headquartered in Lagos, the commercial hub of West Africa, LearnRite researches, writes, publishes and distributes cutting-edge teaching and learning resources to pupils scattered across Nigerian cities and Africa. Through our team of researchers who are adept in the psychology and dynamics of teaching and learning, LearnRite distills the data garnered through research into the pages of its textbooks and literature, and thereby empowers young minds to take charge of their tomorrow right from today.

Thus far, LearnRite has published 42 world-class titles spanning subjects such as English language, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Phonics. Explore our rich catalogue here.

As LearnRite evolves, it remains resolute in its belief that quality textbooks and educational system play a crucial role in offering every child quality education. At LearnRite, we reckon that quality education holds the key to Africa’s economic growth, and we are committed to driving the academic revolution requisite for such economic advancement.

Vision Statement

To be the leading publishers of academic resource textbooks that provoke intellectual advancement as well as societal development.

Mission Statement

To Partners, Parents and Pupils: To produce and circulate excellent and learner-centred textbooks that will revive and maintain brilliant performance for quality education in Nigeria and beyond.
To Members of Staff: To provide the best working environments that will stimulate capacity building and individual growth, through a range of job responsibilities designed and assigned to train and impact technical skills in every member of staff.

Corporate Essence

Every day of the week, LP receives calls and messages from schools and organizations, placing orders for more of its teaching and learning resources, because of years of quality services we have provided via our timeless textbooks. As such, our increasingly growing list of clientele demands much more from us. And we’re passionate about delivering more essential services to all of them, because we’re committed to partnering with individuals and institutions that share our corporate dream.

Corporate Values

We are defined by what we do because we do it differently. And because we dare to do writing and publishing differently, we encounter challenges that demand uncommon qualities and values from us. Some of the values that have ferried us above the din of the crowd include:

More than anything else, we are passionate about laying international academic standards for our kids. We recognise the power of quality education. We’re also aware of the fact that functional education is powered by quality textbooks. And so we will stop at nothing to ensure that we research, write, publish, and distribute turnkey teaching and learning resources to both teachers and pupils in Nigeria and beyond.
We’re allergic to mediocrity.
Educating our kids demands a genuine long-term commitment.
For our education to significantly positively boost our economy, it must not remain the same.


LP is eager to employ highly-skilled individuals who possess the passion and diligence required to drive long-term revolution in our education. Such persons should forward their curriculum vitae to careers@learnritepublishers.com. Note that such document should be written in a prosaic form.

We will look out for creativity, diligence, and, of course, good command of English language.

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